Workshops For Leaders

Leaders battle with having to produce results and the challenge is really in doing that in the middle of a whirlwind. These workshops help in developing the specific skills that help achieve that. They incude:

  • Advanced communication and negotiation skills
  • Positive leadership development
  • Developing and using emotional intelligence
  • Self awareness and behavioural effectiveness

Interventions For Behavioural Change

Irrespective of what you are trying to accomplish in life, it involves the development and demonstration of certain behaviours. These workshops or coaching sessions are about developing and demonstrating the right behaviours.

  • Targeted competency development
  • Understanding and bringing about behavioural change
  • Behavioural assessment and psychometrics
  • Training, coaching and facilitation skills

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Vinesh's training programs have not just transformed individuals but have recast the entire reputation of L&D and Training departments. He engages with individuals and organizations either as a consultant for long term assignments or as a facilitator and trainer for shorter term workshops and sessions. Here are some of the interventions that a lot of his clients have benefited from.

Applied Psychology Workshops

People pursuing any kind of goal rarely have the time to understand the different realms of psychology and filter it down to its practical and applicable versions. Through these workshops you get direct access to real world applications.

  • Applied neuro linguistic psychology
  • Neuro-semantics        
  • Sport psychology for work and life
  • Positive psychology in action